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Max Nirenberg (born: September 8, 1999 (1999-09-08) [age 20]) known on YouTube as Maxci, is a British Minecraft commentator born in Lithuania. His most famous gameplay series is Minecraft. He currently has over 3,300 subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Max was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is currently studying in High School in Vilnius, Lithuania. When he was 11 years old, he uploaded his first video blog on his YouTube channel. On December 17th, 2015 Max's last video was uploaded to his current channel and his subscribers are decreasing. Max is planning to do something with the channel in the future, announcing it on his Twitter account.


He has had 6 total YouTube channels.

First Channel : maXas711 Mainly commedy videos. (2010-2012/inactive)

Second Channel: EvMaxas An Internet Show with his cousin. (2012-2013/inactive)

Third Channel: Maxci (renamed from niceXass) This is niceXass's current channel where he posts his gaming videos, mostly Minecraft. (2012–2015/inactive)

Fourth Channel: RandomVlogai Lithuanian vlogging channel with his best friend - Bart (2013-2014/inactive)

Fifth Channel: niceXass2 This is niceXass's current second channel which he had made to post games other than Minecraft but now doesn't really use. (2013/inactive)

Sixth Channel: niceXassVSGaming This is niceXass's gaming channel, which is currently inactive. (2013/inactive)

Seventh Channel: Max Nirenberg Personal vlog/sketch channel (2015–present/channel activity unknown, presumably inactive)

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