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͔ (born: January 11, 2007 (2007-01-11) [age 13]), or formerly known as Elvis Bisanovic, is an Austrian YouTube memer.

His channel started on July 6th, 2013 as Elvis Bisanovic. He started uploading on that channel on May 17th, 2014. His first video was "Mit Activia wirst du richtig laut furzen" which translates it to "With Activia, you will fart really loudly" Link to the video:

Behind The Creator

The Beginning of his career

In 2013, he created his channel as Elvis Bisanovic. In 2014, he used some german advertisement to make his first video. He used to make gaming videos back then, like RCT3, Roblox, Minecraft, etc., A bit later, around 2016-17, was his dream to become famous.

Road To Fame

In 2018, he started to make other things than Gaming. And in April 2018, he started doing some covers of Hip-Hop Songs. He made a few another songs, but because they got so hated, he took a break from doing covers for a while. In September 2018, his channel got 100 subscribers due to a comment getting lots of likes. He got more and more views and he produced more content. In 2019, his channel got lots of hates because of his profile picture. So in early June 2019, he changed his profile picture to an "EB" which stands for his former name, Elvis Bisanovic. Then in August 2019, he changed it again but with a PewDiePie Logo in it. The "EB" Logo stayed anyway until early May 2020, then he made his name invisible (Not really, I assume there's a greek semicolon which looks like this: ͔) and changes his profile picture to a dark grey which makes it invisible in dark mode. And around late January 2020, his cover which was made in August 12th, 2018 rocketshooted from 10-50 views a day to about 500-1000 views a day. He started to get views and made few another covers, but he gave up after a few covers, because it was too stressed for him. But he continued to make memes or something like that.

His Social Media

He also joined Discord on July 18th, 2019 and has a few other social media accounts. Around April, he started to use his reddit account because he was inspired by Mister Suitcase, which he's a big fan from. And then later, he started to post some stuff on reddit, and they got a lot of upvotes.

Personal Favours


  • Making Videos/Memes
  • Summer
  • Videogames
  • Watching Videos on YouTube
  • Meteorology and Science
  • Going on Reddit
  • Mostly EDM Music
  • Commenting on videos
  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • etc.


  • School
  • Autumn and Winter (Somewhat)
  • Getting hated and/or getting a hate comment
  • Snoring Sounds
  • etc.                            
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