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Toyor Al-Jannah (Arabic: طيور الجنة‎) is a Jordanian specialized satellite channel for children that has launched in 2008 carrying a new vision in the field of children's channels, to be the first television channel in the field of children's songs and programs, and the number of viewers of the channel is millions of children and mothers and their parents because of the distinctive programs and the diversity that attracts both young and old, where the channel addressed children through children like them, with their movements, toys, innocence, smiles and interests.

The stars

  1. Barae El-Aouid
  2. Walid Mekdad
  3. Moatassim Mekdad
  4. Jana Mek
  5. Jad Mekdad
  6. Iyad Mekdad
  7. Amina Karam
  8. Chazi2005
  9. Lyan Samih
  10. Mourad Chrif
  11. Ibrahim Silaoui
  12. Chihab Chaerani
  13. Mouemin El Jenani
  14. Juan Alsilaoi
  15. Lileane Alsilaoi
  16. TKhaled Mekdad

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