アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 plays video games
アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 is a Musician
アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 is from Japan
アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 is male
アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 created their account in 2021
アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone 【にじさんじ】 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Axia Krone (アクシア・クローネ) (born: October 27, 1998 (1998-10-27) [age 23]) is a Nijisanji VTuber who debuted in 2021 alongside Lauren Iroas, Leos Vincent, Oliver Evans, and Lain Paterson. The five are known as the group "Eden-gumi" (エデン組).


Axia made his VTuber debut on July 22, 2021, in an hour long video where introduced himself to his new fandom and discussed various topics with them. Axia also hosted chatting streams and the first game he played was APEX Legends. He has also played It Takes Two, Minecraft, Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Among Us.


Axia is a pilot of the mobile infantry "Thrones". He gives his earnings to the poor so he's always broke.

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  • His character designer is Korono Yuu.[1]
  • His favorite animals are cats, and he owns two.
    • One is a white Persian cat named Azuki, who was a gift from his father's coworker.
    • The other is an American shorthair is named Croquette, who is male, 3 years old and has brown fur. Axia's father fell in love with the cat at first sight when he saw him at the pet shop, and bought him. Croquette's name was instantly decided based on his appearance, but Axia's father said that when Croquette turns 4, his name will be changed to "Ebifry" because he curls up when he sleeps, making him look like an ebi fry.
  • His fans are called "AXIAID" (アクシエイド).
  • He is 179cm.
  • Him and Lauren Iroas make up the unit "THRONEZ" (スローンズ).