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- Umparumphsta - is an English YouTuber known for creating “the big gay” meme on the YouTuber diesel patches. He makes short videos about random subjects and mostly memes. The subjects range from explaining how PewDiePie is an “Indian attack drone” to talking about a video involving a woman twerking on a scarecrow in a supermarket.


Umparumphsta's videos are mainly about Diesel Patches and reacting to short videos. He has done other video topics, however, such as a video on Sultan Sketches. He's also made "college videos" for the popular internet trends No Nut November and Destroy D*ick December.

Diesel Patches

Umparumphsta's first video "Diesel Patches Exposed 2018 OMFG" gained him fame within diesel patches fanbase, with - Umparumphsta - creating "the big gay" meme that diesel patches' fans use often. The video is Umparumphsta's most viewed video and was featured in diesel patches' video "Why SSSniperWolf isn't Funny". Umparumphsta also received a shout out from diesel patches after diesel patches received a shout out from PewDiePie. Diesel patches was unable to pronounce Umparumphsta's name. In early 2019, Umparumpsta made a low budget diss track on Diesel Patches as well.

Sultan Sketches

In January 2019, Umparumpsta made a video on Sultan Sketches claiming that Santa Claus wasn't real. Umparumpsta made this video ironically and said so at the end. He also shouts out to Sultan Sketches, saying he might make a diss track, as he did with Diesel Patches.

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