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―10,000 Subscribers with Memes and Minecraft

10,000 Subscribers with Memes and Minecraft is an English YouTuber who posts memes and random videos with sound effects. The thumbnails have a white background, and the videos are very short in length.


The channel was featured in a video by JackSucksAtLife[1] where his channel was reviewed due to commenting on his videos. The videos are organized into playlists such as Minecraft, Memes, and Alphabet. The stated goal is to get to 10,000 subscribers, and the subscriber milestones are posted on the about page.


10,000 Subscribers with Memes and Minecraft has three main genres of content, including Memes, Minecraft, and Alphabet.


This playlist Alphabet is made up of 13 videos, each one playing an audio clip saying the letter named in the title. The most popular video in this series is D, with nearly 1,000 views.


Most of the channel's content (over one hundred videos) falls into this playlist. The videos here are made up of short clips of funny things he found online. All of the ten most popular videos can be found in this playlist as opposed to the others.


There are only three videos in the "Minecraft playlist. One of them being a fourteen subscriber special made in May of 2019, and the other two are videos of him killing chickens in unorthodox ways in Minecraft.


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