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Elliot, better known online as 10,000 Subscribers with two videos?, is an American YouTube channel with only 2 videos uploaded, and there are many parodies seen on this. His Twitter account has been suspended. For an unknown reason, his banner and icon are from the creepypasta "This Man". It is a story of a man appearing in 1000's of people's dreams.


First Video

The first video is seen as a face reveal which is 14 seconds long. The video consists of Elliot showing his face, and the rest of the video is Crab Rave with the words: The face reveal is done. The thumbnail is an incredibly low quality picture of Mark Zuccerburg.

Second Video

There is a PewDiePie vs T-Series video which is seen as an official trailer for this, but this is trailer with a lot of PewDiePie footage shown. Later, there is a lot of shocking statistics, and there is text overlays. However, the trailer shows that this is pro-PewDiePie since there is no T-Series footage. The owner uses the community tab very often to stay connected to the audience which is more active than uploads.

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