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1791L is an American political YouTube channel.


1791L is a verified American political channel, that is known for video essays analyzing a wide range of sociopolitical subjects and events. The channel style has been likened to that of Vox Media[1][2], with short informational monologue videos, highly focused on graphical effects.

The political inclinations of the channel are disputed, but it is generally agreed to be right leaning. It has been described as conservative by an article published in Breitbart[3], while users on Quora and Reddit describes it both as right wing, libertarian, and conservative[4][5][6].

The channel was created in March 22, 2016, originally being used as a news clip aggregator[7]. These videos have since been removed, with the oldest remaining video being from April 20, 2017[8]. The most popular of the original videos was a widely circulated news clip of rapper Lil Wayne refusing to support Black Lives Matter.[9]

In 2017, the channel disseminated a video featuring Canadian professor that received 3.2 million views and received widespread media coverage In 2017, it became the most widely circulated video of Jordan B. Peterson on YouTube[10]. The video has since been taken down.

On June 4, 2017, 1791L briefly changed its name to American Lampoon, but ultimately reversed the decision.[11] In June 2018, the group announced YouTube had revoked 1791L's partnership status and monetization.[12]

Pod Ruin America

Pod Ruin America, originally launched under the name Symposium, is a supplemental podcast to 1791 where they respond to criticisms of their videos.


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