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1MILLION Dance Studio is a South Korean dance school in Seoul, South Korea. The instructors of 1MILLION have choreographed for K-Pop artists such as Jay Park, Girl's Generation, 2NE1, GOT7, HyunA, etc.

They do not conform to just one style of dance, and choreograph to a variety of different songs, including hip-hop and others.

Current members


  • Mina Myoung
  • Lia Kim (founder)
  • Yoojung Lee
  • Jin Lee
  • Hyojin Choi
  • Minny Park
  • Tina Boo
  • Ara Cho
  • Jane Kim
  • Jinyoung Youn
  • Youjin Kim
  • Isabelle (Isabelle Bonacorsi)


  • Shawn
  • Jinwoo Yoon
  • Eunho Kim
  • Junsun Yoo
  • Koosung Jung
  • Austin Pak
  • Kasper
  • Gosh
  • Jun Liu

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