1Up Gaming plays video games
1Up Gaming makes Educational Videos
1Up Gaming is from India
1Up Gaming is female
1Up Gaming is male
1Up Gaming created their account in 2011
1Up Gaming is a Content Creator on YouTube

1Up Gaming is an Indian collaboration YouTube channel which basically collaborates with other Indian gamers and plays games and challenges with them, as well as interviews them. They also hold live interview sessions with the organisation name of "TECH2-Gadgets" with famous Indian YouTubers. The most respected series of the channel is "Indian Heroes Of PUBG" which generally consists of three videos for each YouTuber: The Main Interview, Item Hell Challenge and One Shot Challenge.


1Up Gaming has collaborated with many gamers. The motive of the channel is to spread awareness among people about gaming and to encourage more and more career-searchers to choose gaming. 1Up Gaming has several shows on which he tries out different fun activities with gamers.

He plays games with them and records some fun challenges. The most popular challenge series is the "Item Hell". He has a second channel name "TECH2-Gadgets" which is a technical review and Science Channel. Besides challenges, Gamers also participate in Pop-Quizzes. Till date, they have interviewed only one international YouTuber, that is Panda, on the first episode of the "International Heroes Of PUBG".


Indian Heroes of PUBG

This is the most popular series of the channel. It features prominent players of PUBG from across India. This first episode of this series was uploaded on January 16, 2019, featuring Indian YouTuber and gamer CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar). Since then, the series is considered revolutionary in the history of Indian YouTube, being the first one of its kind. During the beginning, YouTubers were interviewed from their studios themselves. But later, it was shifted to the 1Up Gaming studio. It consists of two sub-series- "Item Hell" and "Real Shot".

In "Item Hell", the creator is given six pages turned inside out and clipped with magnets on a white bulletin board beside them. The player has to gain one kill, after which they will pick a random paper from the clipboard. It would have an item found inside PUBG, by which the player must kill his next target. The items can range anything from grenades to vehicles, and from a sniper without any scope to a melee arm. If the player fails to kill the enemy and/or dies, they can proceed to the next item, but will lose a score. So far, several players have been able to score six in the game.

In "Real Shot", the creator must play a game with different criterias to perform an action, which depends on the game. While most of the creators who have appeared in this series were given the game of PUBG, Triggered Insaan was the only one to be given the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. In PUBG, the player generally plays solo versus squad in the Team Deathmatch mode. If the player survives without dying even once, they proceed to the next level. In Getting Over It, if the player reaches the tower without falling even once, they proceed to the next level.

However, it has not yet been confirmed what the result on completion would be, as the only creator who has played Getting Over It in this challenge, Triggered Insaan, has not been able to complete it. But, on either cases, if the player fails to do what has been described, they are given an array of seven drinks, six of them tasting horrible, which the player has to drink. One of them is coffee, but has a different name.

Gamer Girls of India

It is the second most popular series after IHoP. As the name suggests, 1Up Gaming collaborates with the female gamers from all over India. Some of the most famous of them are RaV3n and Xyaa. Many consider it as a vital branch of women empowerment in the Indian society, while some consider it one of the general series on the channel. Some of the YouTubers from this series are led to the Item Hell or Real Shot too.

Mini Games

Apart from the main-series, there are several mini games and interviews on the channel, like the "What Sound Is That" played with BeastBoyShub, "The Hot Seat" played in collaboration with Gareeboo, Alpha, Ankkita C and HydraFlick, and "Opiniins On Popular YouTubers". So far, there have been three of them.

  • The Hot Seat — In this game, four creators (Gareeboo, Alpha, Ankkita C and HydraFlick) were given a giant spinning wheel with various difficult tasks they would have to perform while playing PUBG on a mobile phone. After they spun it and got their challenge, they had to choose a distraction from a different spinning wheel. One by one, each YouTuber would sit on a gaming chair while the rest three would work on distracting them with the distraction they chose.
  • Opinions — As the name suggests, again, YouTubers share their opinions about other YouTubers. The first episode of this series featured YouTuber Rakazone.
  • Hold My Hand — Two YouTubers, Rawknee and Shreeman were separated into two teams. Two more PUBG players, but not so professional, would be on each of their side.


1v1 is a skit-consisted interview series in which, the creator is interviewed right, but along with that, they have to play a game of PUBG in battle royale. After the interview is over, the interviewer, mainly Shaswat, has to play a 1v1 Deathmatch with the creator in question. Shaswat loses the game on most cases. The first episode of 1v1 was premiered on October 25, 2019, featuring Indian gamer BeastBoyShub (Shubham Saini).

International Heroes of PUBG

Similar to Indian Heroes of PUBG, it features PUBG heroes from around the world. However, it does not include challenges like the former. So far, it has had only one episode, featuring Swedish YouTuber Panda.

1Up In The House

Due to lockdown imposed by the Government of India on purpose of the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, 1Up Gaming started a new series named 1Up In The House, where different PUBG players played various challenges. The matches are played in custom rooms on PUBG created by the 1Up members, who could join the rooms through IDs given by them on their Discord server. In each episode, players play different challenges. The first episode of this series was premiered on 3 April, 2020. All through the match, the producer of 1Up Gaming, Shaswat Singh, monitors all the players and captures their vision footages (which are then compiled and released in the form of episode for the series). The video is accompanied by a Hindi commentary by Shaswat.

List Of Popular Guests