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20fadhil is an Indonesian YouTuber who is best known for making 10 hour loops of popular cartoons and memes, most notably ones of SpongeBob Squarepants. He is also a former Unterganger and YouTube Pooper and uploads vlogs, satirical song covers, and SFM animations on his alternate channel.


20fadhil created his first account on October 6, 2010. Originally he had uploaded videos relating to football, alongside making parodies of the German historical film Downfall. He has proven to be successful to a degree in the community, winning honorary titles known as "Unterganger of the Month" twice, on January 2012 and February 2013.

20fadhil would soon slowly begin to lose interest in making Downfall parodies. By the mid-2010s, he would be off making other content.

Loop Videos

In 2016, he started making 10 hour loops of popular SpongeBob scenes. The videos ended up being very successful and started a new renaissance and interest in his channel. Some of his subscribers would later because of notable mainstays of the newly formed subcommunity, starting humorous conversations related to the videos' themes.

However, turbulence was starting to rise by then when Viacom took down his first account. 20fadhil would make another new account but shortly after Viacom would also take that one down. The cycle would continue until he made his current account, 20fadhil: Revolution. During this time, many of the most known commenters on his comment sections would leave the community.

In 2019, 20fadhil created a Patreon account, citing that he needed the revenue that his videos made but weren't receivable. He also made an alternate account called 20fadhil: Evolved where he uploads more "normal" videos.

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