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George Ioannou (born: c. 1984 [age 34-35]), better known online as 2J is an English YouTuber who was born in London. He is focused on comedy.


2J has 2 channels, one focused on gaming videos (2J Games), and one focused on skits and other videos. Most of his videos are in Greek.

He is also the number one YouTuber in both Cyprus and Greece.

Personal and Early Life

2J's mother was from Italy, and his father was from Cyprus. Because he was born in London and could not speak Greek that well, he was bullied in school. 2J always loved music and at the age of 12 he started to work as a DJ. When he was 16, he decided to make a song about his school and to respond to those bullies. The song's name was "Y' all from Paralimni". Two days later he arrived at school with a bag full of CDs with his song and gave them to everyone in class. He later made a second song called "Back To School", this time the song was insulting the principal. After that the principal sued him, so the police arrested 2J. But fortunately for 2J he was found innocent.

He later got inspired by other YouTubers and made his own channel. After uploading some small random videos he made he finally made the video which launched his career: The Comments Song.

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