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Tupac Amaru Shakur † (born: Lesane Parish Crooks; June 16, 1971 - September 1, 1996 [aged 25]), better known by his stage name 2Pac, was an American musician best known for his hip-hop tours and association with Biggie Small. The 2Pac Twitter is run by Shakur Estate, which means his channel also might be run by Shakur Estate.


The 2PacVEVO channel is the associated YouTube channel that is run by the record company and his family since 2Pac died before the creation of YouTube. 2Pac is known for being the leader of the west coast hip hop music during the period where there was a conflict between the west and east coast. The videos on the channel seem to be music videos, and there is even an animated video that has 2Pac on stage raping with other artists, which would be unpractical during 2pac's lifetime.


In 1993, Shakur formed the group Thug Life with a few of his friends, including Big Syke, Macadoshis, his stepbrother Mopreme Shakur, and the Rated R. The group released their first and last album, Thug Life: Volume 1 on September 26, 1994, which threw Shakur his first fans. The album contained the song "Pour Out a Little Liquor," made by Johnny Jackson, who eventually started to produce a large part of Shakur's album All Eyez on Me. The group usually performed their concerts without Shakur. The collection was first put out to the public by Shakur's label Out Da Gutta Records, though Amaru Entertainment has since gained the rights to it. Among the recognizable tracks are "Cradle to the Grave," "Bury Me a G," "Pour Out a Little Liquor," etc.


Due to criticism of gangsta rap in the '90s, the original version of All Eyez On Me was removed and recorded once more, with many of the records being removed entirely. The album contains ten tracks because Interscope Records felt many of the other recorded songs were too touchy of a topic to release.


2Pac was originally from New York City, but he moved to California with his family, which would start his music career. 2Pac is well received by people who like hip hop around the world, but he died in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. This would lead to Biggy Small's death a couple of days later, and his channel shows some unreleased music that were only published after his death.

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