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3D Printing Nerd makes Educational Videos
3D Printing Nerd makes technology videos
3D Printing Nerd is from the United States
3D Printing Nerd is male
3D Printing Nerd created their account in 2015
3D Printing Nerd is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Joey Telling, also known by his YouTube channel name as 3D Printing Nerd, is an American YouTuber who makes a wide variety of videos that is related to 3D printing. He joined YouTube on April 4, 2015, and is currently residing in Seattle, Washington, United States.


This channel tends to cover all things related to 3D printing from hobby and consumer level, all the way up to the industrial additive manufacturing machines and businesses. They talk to people of the industry and find the story, and then through conversation let those people tell the viwers their story. He also makes reviews and Star Wars-related 3D printing videos.