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Ryan James Harryman † (February 6, 1991 – October 17, 2015 [aged 24]), better known online as 3PACTVHD, commonly referred to as 3PAC, was an American vlogger and musician. He's famous for his funny voice, and songs and is best known for his PewDiePie diss-track called, "PewDiePie is a child rapist".


3PAC started making videos parodying a lot of famous rappers such as Eminem, Lil B the Based God and even some YouTube celebrities such as PewDiePie. 3PAC's music was primarily famous for his aggressive rapping style, his loud and funny voice, and for using the word 'n*gga' in his raps, something frowned upon in the hip hip hop scene for white rappers to use.

3PAC often used the term 'hoot giver' in his music, priding himself on 'not giving a hoot' about anything. 3PAC's fanbase is normally referred to as 'Zero Hoots Gang'.

3PAC distributed his music through his Bandcamp page.

Eminem Feud

On July 2, 2013, 3PAC uploaded what would become his most famous song, "PUSSY ASS HOES", later renamed to "EMINEM RAP GOD BERZERK DISS", "THE REAL RAP GOD", until ultimately settling on "RAP GOD".

In October 2013, after rapper Eminem released his single 'Rap God' off of his album, The Marshal Mathers LP II, 3PAC uploaded a video titled "EMINEM CHALLENGED BY THE REAL RAP GOD 3PAC", where he criticizes Eminem, calling him a "hoot ass bitch." He challenged Eminem to a battle rap to determine who the real 'rap god' was. Eminem did not address or acknowledge the diss or the feud in any way.


On October 16, 2015, 3PAC's Facebook fan page 'Zero Hoots Gang' announced that he had been rushed to the hospital, admitted to an intensive care unit, and put on life support after he suffered a heart attack and head injury during a water polo match.

A GoFundMe page was made to fund 3PAC's medical expenses and to keep him on life support. The fundraiser unfortunately only raised 3 dollars and 12 cents.

The next day, October 17, Zero Hoots Gang announced that they had received news that 3PAC passed away, and he would be taken off of life support the following day. Ryan '3PAC' James passed away peacefully on October 18, 2015. His website was updated with the message "RIP RYAN JAMES. A LEGEND, A FRIEND, A TRUE INSPIRATION."

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