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4Player Network plays video games
4Player Network is from the United States
4Player Network is male
4Player Network created their account in 2008
4Player Network is a Content Creator on YouTube

4Player Network (also known as 4PlayerPodcast) is an enthusiast gaming website that is made up of a multi-award winning podcast and a daily live gaming stream. The group's YouTube channel has been active since March 2008 and typically uploads highlight videos from their podcast or streams.


  • Chris Davis (video feature producer/podcaster)
  • George Denison (broadcaster/contributor)
  • Kris Guthridge (podcaster/broadcaster)
  • Nolan Hedstrom (podcaster/broadcaster)
  • Nick Henderson (co-founder/podcast host/managing editor)
  • Jager (community liason)
  • Ed Mitchell (podcaster/back end developer)
  • Carlos Ottino ("The Roger Ebert of Video Games")
  • Brad Simons (co-founder/podcaster/broadcasting manager)

Former members

  • Travis Granger (co-founder)
  • David Liao (co-founder)


Small beginnings

The 4Player Network was originally formed as a small podcast by four friends in Texas, United States, known as 4PlayerPodcast. Early videos that gained popularity were video highlights from their stream in which they played horror games, such as Fatal Frame.

In 2008, a video highlight from Brad's GTA IV stream titled "GTA4 - Scooter Brothers!!" went viral, garnering over 6.6 million views as of October 2020. The video was later referenced by game developer Rockstar Games in GTA V, the 2013 sequel to GTA IV.

Later years

4PlayerPodcast would later develop into the 4Player Network, with a larger team and its own website. Founding members Nick Henderson and Brad Simons continue to work with the organization and feature prominently in their current podcasts.