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5210studios is a Canadian YouTube sketch comedy group. 5210studios is known for their Nerf Wars videos, as well as their "Accident" series.

5210studios is comprised of three main members: Connor Tkachuk, Cody Lehman, and Luis Dejesus. Between the three members they collectively run 3 channels with various themes.

Member Backgrounds

Connor Tkachuk: Born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Edam, Saskatchewan; Connor saw an interest in film-making at a young age, shooting his first documentary in the 8th grade. Connor is currently studying Education at the University of Alberta, but has plans to pursue a career in film during the summer of 2012. Recently, Connor has launched a series entitled "the show." on his personal YouTube channel acousticize.

Luis Dejesus: Born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta and raised in Camrose, Alberta; Luis showed an interest in music at a very early age. Outside of 5210studios Luis plays bass in a Journey tribute band, while working at a western clothing store.

Cody Lehman: Born in Camrose, Alberta and raised in Camrose, Alberta; Cody met Connor through a mutual high school friend. Afterwards, the two of them became great friends and briefly ran a YouTube series known as CCTV (or, Connor & Cody Television), wherein drunken recordings of the two would be adapted to video and released weekly. The series gained quite a following in Alberta, leading to a fairly successful Facebook fanpage in dedication to it.

Confirmed Projects

  • Nerf Wars 3
  • Nerf Wars 4
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