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5MadMovieMakers makes Film-Related Videos
5MadMovieMakers is from the United States
5MadMovieMakers is male
5MadMovieMakers created their account in 2010
5MadMovieMakers is a Content Creator on YouTube

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5MadMovieMakers (or 5MMM for short) is an American YouTube channel owned and operated by Robert Carlson. The channel was launched on July 18, 2010, and Carlson is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Content and History

They have made a wide variety of videos and stop motion films using toys such as Hot Wheels and Thomas the Tank Engine. Since 2010, the same year they launched their channel, they have been posting videos of what they call "miniature adventures". A wide variety of other categories of videos include LEGO roller coasters, massive marble runs, high-speed Hot Wheels tracks and stop motion shorts.

Fun facts

Robert wrote a book called The Miniature Railroad.