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7-Second Riddles has more than One Million Subscribers
7-Second Riddles has more than One Billion Views
7-Second Riddles is an Animator
7-Second Riddles is from Cyprus
7-Second Riddles created their account in 2018
7-Second Riddles is a Content Creator on YouTube

7-Second Riddles is a YouTube channel that focuses on riddles and brain teasers. It is maintained by TheSoul Publishing, the same company behind channels such as 5-Minute Crafts and BRIGHT SIDE. The channel is known for its controversial riddles that often involves dark themes and NSFW.


7-Second Riddles, as the name implies, does videos pertaining to riddles which are statements, questions or phrases that have a double or veiled meaning. Viewers are asked to solve the riddle in a similar way they would a puzzle. They have 7 seconds to solve the riddle before the answers are revealed.


As with many of the soul Publishing's channels, 7-Second Riddles has been under controversy for multiple reasons. They are known for clickbaiting as well as content farming and have even been accused of stealing riddles from BRIGHT SIDE. Many YouTubers including Jarvis Johnson have pointed out that the channel isn't creative with their riddles and overuse generic murder mystery riddles.

They also mentioned that many of the riddles involve NSFW stories and dark themes including death despite many of the viewers of these videos being too young to understand the meaning behind them.