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A&E has more than One Million Subscribers
A&E has more than Five Million Subscribers
A&E has more than One Billion Views
A&E makes Film-Related Videos
A&E is from the United States
A&E created their account in 2006
A&E is a Content Creator on YouTube

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A&E is an American television network that focuses on fine arts, documentaries, dramas, and educational entertainment. Today, the network deals primarily in non-fiction programming, including reality docusoaps, true crime, documentaries, and miniseries.


Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a reality show featuring KISS bassist Gene Simmons. The program had seven seasons with 160 episodes altogether.


Hoarders is a documentary reality show with people who share their troubled pasts with compulsive hoarding. Hoarding in any residence can be condemned by a town council, having a right to fine or even evict its resident if its residence does not meet the coding requirements. Individuals who have a history of hoarding may confess that past family troubles and tragedies may have played a key role to their bad habits. In addition, tensions may surround the family if anyone commits such a habit like this.

Those who continue to hoard may soon begin to experience financial problems and having trouble maneuvering their own residence due to excessive clutter. Neighbors who witness the junk and unnecessary components from the nearby residence give feedback to a town council. Later, individuals or their family members decide to seek professional help with a certified therapist visiting their residence. Furthermore, an organizing specialist visits the residence and summons a mass cleaning team to get rid of unwanted components to clear some space for the residence.

As the mass cleaning experts salvage what is unneeded for the residence, family members often intervene to join the effort. Tensions and emotions could sometimes run high, especially if important items were hauled away or if any site was being gathered without the resident's permission. On a few occasions, biohazard specialists come to the scene if portions of the residence are marred by foul stenches, especially by urine fluids and animal manure. After a few days of deep cleaning and hauling the hoards away, the resident and its family checks into its newly renovated place, promising not to hoard again.

Storage Wars

Storage Wars is a reality show where auctioneers sell items that were released from storage, after the unit has not been paid in three months. Professional and wealthy buyers visit the storage sites before the auction takes place, and they have five minutes to examine the contents at the doorway, but may not enter the locker or touch any of the items.

After the day's auctions are completed, the winning bidders sort through the lockers, estimating the prices they will set on the contents and consulting with experts for an appraisal of unusual items. Running totals on-screen display the cost versus estimated total value, and a final tally at the end of the episode summarizes the buyers' net profit or loss.

Billy the Exterminator

Formerly known as The Exterminators, Billy Bretherton is an entomologist, pest control technician, and the proprietor of the Vexcon Animal and Pest Control. Bretherton served as a Senior Airman with the United States Air Force and was also featured in a few episodes of Dirty Jobs.

Beyond Scared Straight

Beyond Scared Straight featured a group of children and teenagers that behaved in a delinquent-type fashion (arson, violence, threats, drugs etc.) that were toured around one of America's toughest prisons as if they were inmates - to hopefully get them on the right track afterwards.

This show was heavily criticized for maltreatment of children, often traumatising them. Similarly, some of the kids that went on here did not stop their behaviors after going on this show. A&E has removed every episode of Beyond Scared Straight off of YouTube, with only re-uploads being available.