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A6d plays video games
A6d is a Vlogger
A6d is a Commentator
A6d is from France
A6d is male
A6d created their account in 2017
A6d is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
A6d is a Content Creator on YouTube

Vincent "Xem" (born: August 3, 2001 (2001-08-03) [age 20]), better known online as a6d, is a French YouTuber mainly consisting of videos and live streams about Minecraft. He was part of another channel called "The Trio", in which he collaborated with other YouTubers like Skeppy and BadBoyHalo.

His first video, “Hello bonjour welcome,” was uploaded on November 27, 2018. It is a 12-second video in French where he proves the channel belongs to him. Afterward, he started uploading Minecraft content with Skeppy and BadBoyHalo. Recently though, his content has drifted away from just Minecraft videos and he now does more stuff, such as creating songs on FL Studio or creating a bot to answer his Twitter followers.


In 2017, a6d created a legal streaming website called ARTV for a few friends who couldn't watch French TV which ended up getting popular. A6d monetized the website due to its popularity. During this time is when a6d met Skeppy. After a while, it ended up with police at a6d's house on the morning of December 6, 2017.

His phone and computer were taken away by the police in January 2019 for hacking into his school's server, and he still has not been faced with judgment, but he risks a fine of over 300,000 euros and 3 years in prison. Since Vincent hadn't got his computer or phone given back to him, he had to buy a new phone and computer. To this day, Vincent has still not received his property back from the police. Therefore, he now dislikes the French police.

Web Radio Stations

OnlyHit US

OnlyHitUS is a web radio station that is distributed on a shoutcast server[1] (After October 31, OnlyHitUS is now hosted on Streemlion) that is targeted towards both French and US audiences. OnlyHitUS is available on the website, and on the Android app. The station also has a YouTube channel, which mainly has the Weirdest Talk Show with BadBoyHalo, Vincent, and another guest, which is currently paused until further notice on behalf of a6d (It is still paused as of 2/09/21, but may return soon).

OnlyHit (also known as OnlyHITFR)

OnlyHit was a web radio station made by a6d with a free service, called Radionomy, created long before OnlyHitUS. This web radio station started the sub-genre of web radio stations under the OnlyHit name. a6d created radio stations like OnlyHit Gold, OnlyHit J-Music. OnlyHit, OnlyHit Gold were towards 70s, 80s, and old Pop Music. None of these were able to be played in the US due to the licensing.

On October 31, 2019, OnlyHit was merged to OnlyHitUS. OnlyHit Gold and OnlyHit J-Music were now able to be played in the US. These stations are now advertised as having less ads and usually have less listeners than the main OnlyHit channel.

OnlyHit Gold, OnlyHit J-Music (Now known as OnlyHit Japan)

Both OnlyHit Gold and Japan are both web radio stations that were originally made using radionomy that came out of the start of the OnlyHit sub-genre. Both were not available to be played in the US, due to their licensing. OnlyHit Gold was about the 70s, 80s, 90s, and Pop Rock music. OnlyHit J-Music is about Japanese Music.

After October 2019, both OnlyHit Gold and J-Music became available worldwide and got onto the OnlyHitUS website. In 2020, OnlyHit J-Music was rebranded into OnlyHit Japan via a tweet on the OnlyHitUS twitter.

Minecraft Servers


SakuraMC was a Minecraft server that a6d made. A6d would live stream on SakuraMC, a lot of people would join, then the server lags out. The server has gone through many variations. A6d ended up killing the server around the time when a6d made his own copy of InvadedLands.

During a6d's "4 Hours to Create a Minecraft Server" video, a6d created a new server with the SakuraMC name. Then on August 24th, 2020, a6d announced he would be shutting down SakuraMC on August 25th/26th, The server isn't up anymore, and the IP at the time was "".


OutvadedLands was a Minecraft server that a6d made for fun. A6d copied all plugins and maps from the InvadedLands Minecraft server, a server by Skeppy, and made a few changes to the map and config. Nobody knows how a6d copied all the plugins and maps but some say that it is because Zelk, an InvadedLands admin, helped a6d make OutvadedLands. The IP is "", but a6d has since taken down the server. A6d used the servers donations to help him go to VidCon 2019 in California.

People who bought ranks were not refunded as some of the Skeppy videos he has done with a6d were. A6d ended up making enough money to fly out (14 hours) to California to Vidcon 2019. This server was later shut down and supposedly used as a server for SakuraMC, which was a6d's Minecraft server before it shut down in 2020.

The Billboard Squad

The Billboard Squad was a Minecraft server that a6d advertised using electronic billboards all over the United States. It was a Minecraft Server that was set to open for people to join on Jan 11, 3 PM EST. After he bought the billboards, a6d asked his fans on Twitter to find the billboards he bought. After a while, random people not in a6d's community started seeing the billboard and posting tweets about it.

One of them posted an image of the billboard which had the IP address of the Minecraft Server in the image on twitter. A6d posted that image on Reddit twice. Both of them got removed but a lot of people saw it. A6d made a video about it all. The server was used as a survival server for SakuraMC before it shut down. is a 1.16 Minecraft SMP server that one can join via the a6d Discord. It's purpose is to allow players to collect materials and build their own structures, as well as obtaining currency to buy from shops in the shopping district. The a6d Discord server includes voice chats and a proximity voice chat to use while playing.


Minecraft Monday

A6d has gotten into some drama in his time ranging from the Minecraft Monday drama. A6d was kicked from Minecraft Monday Week 11 two hours before the event began due to the strict viewership condition. In response to Keemstar's action, all the members in The Trio left Minecraft Monday along with a few other YouTubers, all of them being associated with a6d and The Trio. Many see this as the turning point of the event, and Minecraft Monday has since then been on a downfall before its abrupt end in late 2019.

His most viewed video talks about Keemstar being a total disorganized jerk during the event, and kicking players from the Minecraft Monday event mere hours before it even started. In Keemstar's defense, he said that he must follow and execute his rules strictly in the fear that if there was a first-time rulebreaker, then there must be a second one, and Minecraft Monday will lose its influence if the viewership regulation is not carried out successfully. However, a6d pointed out that changing the player list right before the event started will massively effect the player's performance and is completely unfair to the players' audience and fans who are already excited for the event.

Play Button & Join Button

A6d was originally denied his YouTube 100k Play Button and didn't get a response from YouTube about his join button for his channel. A6d ended up still getting his 100k Play Button and his join button in the end.

Twitter feud

On Twitter, he has been canceled numerous times. He has been canceled on the grounds of calling a child "r*tarded" while in a heated debate, and typing the n-word in the chat of a Minecraft server while testing an anti-slur filter, which received severe backlash by fans and some stans. A6d has made a statement criticizing Cancel Culture and the flawed nature of it.

A Twitter user named Clover accused A6d of sexual grooming in July 2019, in which Clover talked in-depth about encounters with A6d, who was 17 years old at the time. Clover also accused him of being misogynistic, transphobic, and racist. However, after some pointed out the lack of concrete proof on Clover's end of these claims, they have since been proven false.

At the same time, the issue regarding the grooming accusation persisted and continued to spark drama on multiple platforms. Many fans defended A6d while others continued to call him a predator. It should be noted that Clover is known for "being creepy" with the Trio; they once flashed themselves on camera to A6d unprompted on Omegle.

Since the controversy started, Dream, BadBoyHalo, and Sapnap and other Minecraft YouTubers have announced that they would remain friends with A6d.


It is unclear what exactly conspired between the two to cause Skeppy to end their friendship and unfollow A6d on Twitter, but Skeppy has said at the end of a Livestream that A6d's then-current drama with Clover wasn't the reason.

A Twitter user posted an audio clip of A6d replying to a fan's question about how he started making videos with Skeppy in his merch discord. In it, he revealed that the "French Server Owner" videos were scripted. This led fans to believe that he said it on purpose to defame Skeppy and expose him. It was soon revealed in a video a6d made that he meant that the meeting part of how Skeppy and a6d met was fake.

Nonetheless, despite the end of their friendship, the two seem to have restored it when they both did a video on playing Bed Wars on several Minecraft servers on 7th April, 2022.

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 100,000 subscribers: August 15, 2019
  • 150,000 subscribers: October 10, 2019
  • 200,000 subscribers: November 25, 2019
  • 250,000 subscribers: April 2, 2020
  • 300,000 subscribers: May 30, 2020[2]
  • 350,000 subscribers: August 3, 2020


  • "14 14 14"
  • "???????????????????????????"
  • "WTF"
  • "I got scared by paper"


  • In a live stream where he was hoping to see himself hit 100K, he revealed that a6d was originally an alternative account for himself.
  • From July to August 2019, he gained over 50,000 subscribers just from Skeppy's channel's blow up.
  • He originally appeared in a video of Skeppy's where he invited him into his server.
  • He loves to play both sides on either of them for trolling.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He have three dogs & two cats, including his Basque Country Dog named Argi,[3] & his cat named Ian, which has its own YouTube channel.
  • OnlyHit has more non-US listeners than US-based ones.[4]
  • He is left-handed.[5]
  • He has a Basque Country Dog named Argi.
  • He questioned himself about his sexual orientation since June 2020.[6]
    • He came out as asexual on June 14, 2021.[7]