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ACTUALLY HAPPENED was a Cypriot YouTube channel and media digital platform owned by TheSoul Publishing (a company based in Limassol, Cyprus) that uploaded videos of storytime animations sent by their fans on the internet, similar to Storybooth.

The main difference between the two channels was that ACTUALLY HAPPENED uploaded a new video every day/daily on their YouTube channel. In contrast, Storybooth uploads a new video every single Tuesday and Thursday on theirs. However, both channels have their videos being on YouTube's trending page (usually twice a week).

ACTUALLY HAPPENED is suspected to be fake by many members of the community because of a video by Jarvis Johnson. When the story-time channels started and continued to multiply, Jarvis couldn't take it anymore and posted another video about it.

ACTUALLY HAPPENED continued to upload videos until May 31, 2020, with the video being called, "I Sent My Girl To An Asylum Because I Got Tired Of Her,"[1] and they turned all videos from the channel private on June 8, 2020.


Fake Stories

Many of the stories appeared to be fake as some of them were inappropriate and/or emotionally manipulative, causing people to believe the stories.

Jarvis Johnson made three videos that explained his proof that the channel was fake.[2][3][4] Many people agreed with him.[5][6]

Even if some of the videos might be false, some of them actually come from other people's stories (even if they weren't sent to ACTUALLY HAPPENED, but found on Reddit or Twitter).

Many people think that this controversy is the reason behind them shutting down. This is however unlikely, since other channels deemed false are still active. It might come however from relatively low performance, compared to 123 GO! or 5-Minute Crafts.


  • Some of their videos include illustrations of the banner's characters as easter eggs.[7]
  • After the success of ACTUALLY HAPPENED and Storybooth, many other channels started appearing like My Story Animated, Share My Story, Dory Story, etc.
  • There are total of 17 channels (2 of them already changed series). Most of them aren't English, like ASÍ ES LA VIDA (Spanish) or Это жизнь (Russian). All of non-English channels turned their videos private on June 4th.
  • Some of the videos show characters from other stories when they share an art style. 
    • For example: In "I Bought Myself A Girlfriend", Nick from "I Found My House On Fire With My Dad Inside", Ryan from "I Met My Secret Uncle, Now I Know Why They Hide Him From Me" and Dave from "My Brain Is Slowly Dying, I Have One Year Remaining" can be seen.
  • Some of the videos might give bad influences to children if they aren't prepared enough. They should watch the episodes with parents or other people to explain difficult matters.
    • For example: "My Parents Locked Me Up In Basement For Days Because I Was A Bad Girl", "My Parents Have Their Views On Raising Girls. I Had To Save My Lil Sis!", "I Made My Mom Choose: Me Or My Stepdad. She Chose Him!", and "I Earn More Than My Parents But They Take Everything" show abusive behavior from adults towards children and might influence young viewers to rebel against.
    • Other stories might seem to not have sense when compared to titles like "I Was Going To Marry My Gf Until I Met My First Love. I'm A Cheater". The main character said that he doesn't want to be a cheater after he met his first love, even if the title says he is a cheater.

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to SocialBlade. Dates may vary by ~1 day (2 days if you live outside of North America) due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: January 12, 2019
  • 2 million subscribers: April 13, 2019
  • 3 million subscribers: July 14, 2019


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