AKTV creates skits and sketch videos
AKTV is a Vlogger
AKTV is from Canada
AKTV is male
AKTV created their account in 2009
AKTV is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Amandeep Kang, better known online as AKTV, is a Canadian YouTuber and popular online personality. He is well known by many Indo-Canadians due to the popularity of his videos portraying "brown parents" and what happens in the day-to-day lives of brown people. His most popular videos are of the "Living In a Brown Fam" series with each of them getting over a million views. He credits local comedian Rupan Bal as his inspiration. AKakaAmazing is a resident of Brampton in Ontario, Cananda which has a huge South Asian population.

Subscriber Milestones

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  • 100,000 subscribers: September 7, 2013.