ANT vs. Cancer is a Vlogger
ANT vs. Cancer plays video games
ANT vs. Cancer is from the United States
ANT vs. Cancer is male
ANT vs. Cancer created their account in 2011
ANT vs. Cancer is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Hey guys Antwhatever here.

―ANT vs. Cancer

Anthony J Conti, better known online as Ant vs. Cancer (formerly Antwhatever2) is an American YouTuber best known for his Web-Show Comedy Massacre and The Satanic Zucchini Show.

Personal Life

Anthony lives in Walpole, Massachusetts in a small apartment with his family.

The Satanic Zucchini Show (2014-Present)

The Satanic Zucchini Show is an American Television series, airing on the digital network called I Define TV. This series stars Gino Alonso in the main role-playing Dr. Patrick Chini.

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