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Hey guys Antwhatever here.


Anthony J Conti, better known online as Ant vs. Cancer (formerly Antwhatever2) is an American YouTuber best known for his Web-Show Comedy Massacre and "The Satanic Zucchini Show".

Real Life

Anthony is an American citizen who lives in Walpole, Massachusetts in a small apartment with his family.

Comedy Massacre 2012-Present

"Hello, my name is Anthony John Conti welcome to the (insert episode number here) of Comedy Massacre. A show where Comedy has no remorse". - Anthony's introduction to the show.

The Satanic Zucchini Show 2014-Present

The Satanic Zucchini Show is an American Television series, airing on the digatle network called I define TV. This series stars Gino Alonso in the main role-playing Dr Patrick Chini.

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