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Rhianna better known online as ASMRMagic, is an ASMR channel who makes videos that are even hours long. She is a YouTuber from the UK and has over 1 million subscribers.


ASMR * Sleep * Relaxation * Tingles * Stress Relief * Study Aid * ❤️ British ASMRtist ~ ASMR Magic ✨

Hello! My name is Rhianna and welcome to the little space dedicated to binaural sounds, whispers and relaxation :) I create a variety of long videos aimed at triggering your ASMR tingles and to help you relax, study, de-stress and fall asleep easier. I love hearing from you and enjoy fulfilling requests, so please feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail :) Thank you very much for stopping by and for supporting my channel. ❤ Lots of love and tingles ~ ASMRMagic xoxo


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