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A Chick Called Albert has more than One Million Subscribers
A Chick Called Albert is a Vlogger
A Chick Called Albert is from the Netherlands
A Chick Called Albert is male
A Chick Called Albert created their account in 2016
A Chick Called Albert is a Content Creator on YouTube

A Chick Called Albert is a channel created by Alwyn Wils. It mainly focuses on him hatching various bird eggs, raising and rescuing animals (mostly birds).


Alwyn's egg hatching adventures were first recorded by him when he decided to incubate a batch of quail eggs bought from the supermarket. Among them only one hatched. He named this lucky chick - Albert. This prompted him to open a YouTube channel in 2016 where he posted the clips he recorded. After sometime he began to record other animals as well that he rescued and raised.

Ab Ovo

Ab Ovo is the spanish version of the original channel. After the main channel gained a surprisingly big audience, people started asking Alwyn to translate the videos into Spanish. Thus the second channel was made on July 6th, 2020. Alwyn has a fluency in Spanish and has been uploading his older videos with Spanish words replacing the English word screens.

Personal Life

Alwyn Wils lives in Haarlem, Netherlands. He is divorced and has three daughters. According to him, he has more than 30 years of incubating experience. He also works as an animal handler for various commercial or videos.

Notable Animals


Albert is the mascot and poster bird of the channel. He is a quail. He hatched in 2016 from a batch of supermarket eggs Alwyn bought. Albert was the only one to hatch. This miraculous incident even gave him a National Geographic article. Since quails don't live more than a couple of years, Albert is sadly deceased.


Aka (meaning 'red' in Japanese) is the first squirrel Alwyn raised. He is a Japanese squirrel. Alwyn adopted him at a young age and tended to him. Around this point he wasn't named yet. Then after a while. He made a series of sleeping dens for him that had the names he had chosen for him. After a large number of tries, he ended up choosing Aka as the name.


Elvis is a rooster that Alwyn got from his daughter's friend. He had a disfigured beak and because of that, he couldn't get food in his mouth by himself and Alwyn had to feed him instead.

After Elvis got older Allyn used a mini drill machine to shorten his beak as it was growing into his throat. This thankfully restored Elvis' ability to eat by himself.


Lucky is a turkey that Alwyn saved during Christmas. Allyn was told to arrange a turkey for TV commercial. He got Lucky from a farm where she otherwise would have been turned into a Christmas dinner.


Pete is a little bird that Alwyn' neighbour's cat had brought home. He took the responsibility of raising him. At first Pete was not eating anything but thanks to Alwyn  playing a recording of bird sounds Pete thankfully relaxed and opened his mouth. After that he became adjusted to Alwyn and even after growing up he stayed with him.


PoGoPi is a computer-generated bird shown in the "Real Life Pokemon Go Bird" video. She is actually based on a real life bird (Budapest Short Faced Tumbler).


  • The grocery chain that sold Albert's egg is called Albert Heijn.
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not has also featured Albert's birth.
  • The banner for the channel has a turtle but there are no turtle videos on the channel.
  • Alwyn rarely speaks in his videos. Any thoughts are expressed in texts. Exceptions are the update videos where he gives news about the channel and his animals.
  • Although not always shown, Alwyn's house is filled with various animals (his dog, various types of chicken, some pigeons etc..)
  • Alwyn is sometimes jokingly referred to as the "Disney Princess with a Beard".
  • Alwyn is able to speak Spanish as seen in his Spanish channel; "Ab Ovo".