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Aaron Currey (born: April 7, 1995 (1995-04-07) [age 25]), also known as AzzaCurrey, is an English YouTuber who resides in the United Kingdom. Aaron makes gaming, vlogs, rages and music.

On October 5, 2015, Aaron/Austin also appeared on Deji's Video Title "BEST Q/A EVER", which gave him a subscriber boost up to 4,000+ Subscribers.

On 27 July 2016, Aaron/Austin appeared on a YouNow Broadcast with Fashion/Make-up/Vlogger and personal friend Marina Joyce discussing the #SaveMarinaJoyce that was trending worldwide, The broadcast has over 1.5+ million hits.

Early life

Aaron grew up in a place called Southampton in the UK. He was a lover of gaming and music. His first ever console was the PS1 and first game was Speed Freaks, which he got on Christmas Day 2001. He grew up with his older brother Ben, in his room playing other games such as Ape Escape, Spider-man, Abe, Lego Island 2, and Hogs Of War. In 2004, Aaron has played what has become his favourite game today called "Kingdom Hearts". Aaron attended special-needed schools as he's diagnosed with Speech & Language Therapy and studied at Brockenhurst College and AMS (Music_and_Sound) to study Music Production.

Nickname 'Austin' Story

The name "Austin" originally came from his days of rapping in 2009 with the Stage-name "Lil' Austin", The name came around whilst playing FIFA 10 when creating a character. He then begins Vlogging within October 2012 with the title "Austin Vlog #2". He uploaded a video "Why I Called My self Austin" explaining why and how it originally started.


Aaron Has recently have cut his hair back to short blonde/mousy brown, after having long dyed black hair and grow a Beard in late 2014, in 2013 to mid-2014, Aaron mostly wear a long head beanie, black hoodie, whether an eagle shirt, Asking Alexandria 's shirts, or other band merchandise, then in later on 2014, Aaron change his style by wearing his Clothing Line Fly Free Apparel Or Cabin Boy Jumped Ship Band Merchandise and beanies, Wristbands and sometimes hoodies (especially His Favorite Two-Tone Hoodie From Thunder Apparel).

From Mid-Late 2016, as Fly Free Apparel is getting more products, Aaron starting wearing Longline/Extended shirts and another brand in his new favourite known as Profit X Loss.


Aaron currently lives with his mother in Southampton. Aaron is as he quote "Mixed Blood" as His Father's side of the family are Mixed Lancaster/London and Coventry, and his Mother's side of the family are from North Yorkshire and Southampton.

Clothing Line

In December 2014, Aaron Haves Started a clothing Line Named after "Fly Free Apparel", As He Quoted On The Website "I Personally Love Eagles, and Eagles are my YouTube's Channel Logo. on New Years eve 2014, I been looking for a name that bird based style apparel name as I been searching so many names but I Saw "Fly Free" Was Free so I toke it then i found out there were a "Free Fly Apparel" months Later." and he also said why he started one "Well I always Wanted To have a shirt that has me on it or something of mine and people wear it and feel awesome as I grew up wearing something even Primark won't want to sell and I want people to wear something slick".

2014 - 2019

On the 23rd May 2019, Fly Free Apparel officially shut down.  Aaron has stated that he's lost his motivation and due to lack of sales, he was forced to make a choice between starting again or to shut down.

Broken Bonds Clothing

Broken Bonds created on 16th July 2017 as an indie Brand influence of Skateboard brands such as Santa Cruz, Route One & Zoo York. 

the brand was Aaron's secret project but wasn't originally the main founder but one of his friend who created the brand but Aaron did help him with the brand with Designs, setting up the website, logo and even the solo "Bullshit and Faithfulness ties us to our Broken Bonds. We become our own escapist."

Later on, The brand was sold to him and he began to take it on more serious. he releases the first shirt known as "Time is Over".

update on 19th March 2020. he has finished on working on the first set and hoping to have the set out later on this year. 

Elements Spirits

In 2015, Aaron started a YouTube Group/Team called "Elements Spirits" with 5 of this other closest friends.

The influences are a mix, as he was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Zombies map "Origins", he thought that the Elemental Staffs was clever of as a group, then another one was Assassin's Creed & Skyrim, with having Assassins with Magical powers.

The 5 Elements :

  • Fire - Keri/KerBaresOnFire
  • Wind - Aaron/AzzaCurrey
  • Ice - Micah/Drunk Yeti
  • Lighting - Harry/TopGamerProject115
  • Earth - Ewan/Raty2e
  • Water - Drunni/Hey Drunni

Also, Aaron has mentioned about Writing a Book and making a Video Game based on the Elements Spirits call "Elemental Spirits" all by himself. which is why he has been absent on YouTube.

The Game will be on PC only but no further information has been said.

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