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Aba & Preach has more than One Million Subscribers
Aba & Preach is a Commentator
Aba & Preach is from Canada
Aba & Preach is male
Aba & Preach created their account in 2012
Aba & Preach is a Content Creator on YouTube

Aba and Preach is a commentary and reaction YouTube channel run by Aba Atlas (born April 30, 1990 (1990-04-30) [age 32]) and Erich "Preach" Étienne (born February 18, 1984 (1984-02-18) [age 38]), centering around the two giving their opinions on taboos, culture and social issues and reacting to videos.


The channel's first video was a vlog by Aba titled Dear Mother. The next video was about Aba on heightism, and it became the channel's most viewed video. Some of their next videos were about dating[1][2], but they mostly reacted to videos from Riley J. Dennis[3], Dr. Phil[4], The Onion[5], Christina Sommers[6], Tomi Lahren[7] as well as miscellaneuos[8] videos[9] regarding controversies[10] about racism.

They would keep this style of reacting up, though around 2020 they focused more on YouTubers and comedians[11] like PewDiePie[12], Girl Defined[13] and Brooke Houts[14], amongst commenting on social issues[15] and drama[16][17][18]. They would also react to bad advice[19][20] regarding dating and things like "the girl code"[21].

Around 2021, most of their content began centering on Jubilee, a company and social media agency that was known to highlight the flaws of society and give silent commentary on them. They were very critical of the company and its participants, to the point Jubilee itself released a video[22] calling them out for bullying and how much they hated Aba and Preach reacting to them.

Ironically, Aba and Preach reacted to this video[23], calling Jubilee sensetive and unable to accept criticsm. They have also started to make videos satirizing society and modern culture[24].



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