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{{quote|What's up Pizza Punks, it's Missy|AcidPentagramPizza's intro}}
{{quote|What's up Pizza Punks, it's Missy|AcidPentagramPizza's intro}}
'''Melissa Jean Muniz''' (born: {{Birthdate|1995|9|1}}), better known online as '''AcidPentagramPizza''' is an American [[YouTuber]] who is best known for her body mod videos.
'''Melissa Jean Muniz''' (born: {{Birthdate|1995|9|1}}), better known online as '''AcidPentagramPizza''', is an American [[YouTuber]] who is best known for her body mod videos.

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What's up Pizza Punks, it's Missy

―AcidPentagramPizza's intro

Melissa Jean Muniz (born: September 1, 1995 (1995-09-01) [age 24]), better known online as AcidPentagramPizza, is an American YouTuber who is best known for her body mod videos.


Missy was born in Salem, Ohio (a small town 68 miles away from Cleveland), She suffers from a high-functioning level of autism known as Asperger's syndrome (a neurological condition that can cause the sufferer social anxiety, affect speech and communication.), she says that she was diagnosed with Autism when she was 3-4 years old but had a reevaluation at 13 years old, like many people with Aspergers, AcidPentagramPizza struggled to socialise and integrate with people during her school years, stating: "I was the awkward kid that sat in the corner and like doodled all day, but never knew how to talk to anyone"

She also claims that she was bullied by one of her bosses while she used to work at a frozen yogurt shop, claiming that her boss called her "retarded", "dumb" and "idiotic", during that time, she said she was suffering from Depression and lost weight due to Bulimia, but managed to see a counsellor (who was also qualified for people with autism) and quit her job in 2013, in 2017, she worked at Barnes & Noble until she decided to quit the following year.

Religious Views

Missy was born and raised Christian but was kicked out of a church sometime in 2005-2006 (she did make a video about how she got kicked out of a church but was either on private or deleted in 2018), in an old MySpace account she used to had, she claims she was an atheist, in 2014, she gotten a buddha related tattoo on her right pinky but doesn't follow the religion, however, on August 21, 2018, it was revealed that she is a LaVeyan Satanist on a video called "What I Believe In | Do I Worship The Devil??" and has been a Satanist since 2016.

YouTube Career

On October 1, 2009, a 14-year-old Missy Muniz published her first video with a personal friend of hers on the channel (MissyandLizz), the most popular video on the MissyandLizz channel was "Shitty town in Salem Ohio", in which Missy told her fans over 8 years later that she stated in "Reacting To My FIRST YouTube Channel":

I completely forgot having this YouTube channel until my fiancée brought it up a couple of weeks ago, talking about this video that every single in my school seen because it got posted on the home page on our school's website


On March 20, 2012, Muniz rejoined YouTube but this time going by the name, "AcidRainbowKittens", where she posted kawaii, anime, and craft related stuff in the channel but stopped making videos in around late 2014, (which all of the videos are now private because of the thought as of 2016, the content was bad)

On July 13, 2014, AcidRainbowKittens (whom she was called at the time), made another YouTube channel called "AcidPentagramPizza", which was originally meant to be a 2nd/personal channel but was changed to Missy's main channel when she stopped uploading videos in her "AcidRainbowKittens" channel.

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