Action Movie Kid has more than One Million Subscribers
Action Movie Kid is from the United States
Action Movie Kid is male
Action Movie Kid created their account in 2014
Action Movie Kid is a Content Creator on YouTube

Action Movie Kid is an American action web series created by Daniel Hashimoto, also known as Action Movie Dad or Hashi for short. The series stars his son, James, as the main character. Each clip is a short home movie of James playing, when something dramatic happens, like explosions, death defying feats, and other crazy stunts.

The channel is known for the viral videos on the Action Movie Kid series, which all started from a clip called The Floor is Lava, where the child plays the game many kids of his age play called the floor is lava, where they try to get across a room without touching the floor since the floor is lava.

All of the dangerous effects and stunts are added in post-production by Hashimoto, who is a freelance visual effects arts and a visual development artist at DreamWorks Animation. He uses Adobe After Effects to make the short videos for YouTube.

Book Adaptation

There has also been a book adaption based on the web series since May 5, 2015. According to James in the book's trailer, he fights a gooey monster and claims to be a bedtime story. The book can be ordered off Amazon and on Kindle.


  • In June 2014, The Escape Pod Ad Agency contacted Hashimoto to co write and direct commercials for their client Toys R Us. 
  • In addition to writing and directing Hashimoto also did much of the VFX work along with Eric Miller Animation Studios.
  • Daniel Hashimoto won the 2014 Streamy Award for Visual and Special Effects, and was nominated in the Action and Sci Fi category.
  • Daniel is of Japanese ancestry. He also has a daughter named Sophia.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: July 27, 2019
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