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Google AdSense

The current logo of AdSense.

Google AdSense, or simply AdSense, is a program used by Google and YouTube to promote/serve advertisements to viewers, which in turn powers the monetization of the YouTubers that use it. AdSense also powers the advertising of Google-affiliated sites across the web. Creators can voluntarily join the Google AdSense program to either profit from ad-supported views, or to target their own videos as ads on the platform.


By adding an AdSense account to one's YouTube account, they enable the use of advertisements on their videos. These advertisements may pop up beside, below, or on the video while it is still playing. The content creator receives more money as the video receives more watchtime, views, and clicks by viewers.


AdSense was created by Google on June 18, 2003, as one of their first ways of income. It was not used on, nor installed onto YouTube until 2007. Having been used ever since, the quantity of money given to content creators has been increasing every year since its launch.

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