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Adam Calhoun has more than One Million Subscribers
Adam Calhoun is a Commentator
Adam Calhoun is a Musician
Adam Calhoun is a Vlogger
Adam Calhoun is from the United States
Adam Calhoun is male
Adam Calhoun created their account in 2013
Adam Calhoun is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Adam Calhoun (born: September 5, 1980 (1980-09-05) [age 41]), is an outspoken American YouTuber who voices his thoughts on topical issues via videos on his YouTube channel. His views lean conservative and makes 2-3 videos a week at the most. He also is mostly known for his music videos about America.

He returned to Facebook in February of 2016 after being suspended by the social network with one of his older videos which was originally taken down.

Family & Life

He has a son who was born in 2000 who appears in his videos sometimes.


  • He partnered with the brand Grunt Style.