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Adam Greenwood (born: August 5, 1998 (1998-08-05) [age 21])[1] was an English comedian, YouTube personality[2] and Presenter. He is best known for a publicity stunt on Twitter with Virgin Trains, which has been shared over 300 million times.[3] Adam works closely with Maker Studios,[1] a division of Disney Interactive.

Personal life

Greenwood attended Our Lady's Catholic College[4] and received excellent GCSE results, namely A Grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, ICT and Religious Studies.[5]

Online Life

Greenwood started his YouTube channel, AdamPlaysYT, in September 2012.[6] The channel was originally based on Minecraft let's play videos, but now features Vlogs as a primary format of content.

In September 2015, Greenwood posted a Facebook video[7] using a Self-balancing scooter laid on his stomach in a Sainsbury's supermarket. The video received almost half a million views within a day and sparked huge online controversy regarding the way a security employee handled the situation.

Media Coverage

In December 2014, Greenwood's Christmas ‘duet’ with popular The X Factor singer Paul Akister became an internet sensation with more than a quarter of a million views.[4] Greenwood stopped The X Factor runner-up on Market Street in Lancaster City Centre just before Christmas.[8] Wearing a Christmas jumper, Greenwood launched into an off-key rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey as a smiling Paul Akister looked on, bewildered.[4]

In January 2015, Greenwood made international news in a controversial story, regarding Virgin Trains. Greenwood was stuck in a Virgin Trains toilet with no toilet paper left, so he decided to Tweet and ask the company's social media manager for help.[9] He gave details of his location on the train and Virgin Trains employee MW notified staff on board the train, resulting in a member of the onboard team providing toilet paper to Greenwood. Greenwood told BuzzFeed: “I got a tweet from Virgin Trains asking which carriage I was on, so I responded quickly by peering out the toilet room door and checking the carriage letter - this wasn’t awkward at all I swear.".[10] The incident, known as #PooGate,[11] was reported by huge media outlets such as Daily Mail,[12] The Daily Telegraph,[13] and CNET.[14] The BBC reported that 300 million items[3] have been written or shared online about the episode to date.


In March 2016, Greenwood presented a gaming convention in Newcastle,[15] UK at the Northumbria University Students' Union.


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