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Adam LZ has more than One Million Subscribers
Adam LZ is a Vlogger
Adam LZ is from the United States
Adam LZ is male
Adam LZ created their account in 2013
Adam LZ is a Content Creator on YouTube

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler (born: May 5, 1995 (1995-05-05) [age 27]) better known online as Adam LZ, is an American vlogger and automotive YouTuber, as well as a current Formula Drift racer and a former competitive BMX rider.

His content mostly revolves around building and racing drift cars and document them in a vlog format, which also covers his daily life.

Early life

He was born in May 5, 1995 in Woodbury, Connecticut, and he started making videos as early as age 15, starting with guitar related content and graduating to BMX videos, and in 2014, he starts the LZBMX channel, which introduced the vlog style he's known for today while covering BMX topics and riding clips.

In 2016 he married his long term girlfriend at the time, Nicole Frye, a move that coincided with the purchase of his current home in Central Florida as well as the rebranding of his online merchandise to LZMFG, as he also made the switch to car content.

In 2018, he and Frye divorce after a series of differences they faced as a couple, and he starts to upload more frequently after announcing his separation. 


Adam's video style is vlogs covering his cars as well as his trips around his area of Central Florida, his hometown in Connecticut, as well as other places he travels to in order to see, drive and race interesting cars, both in and out of the United States.