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Adin David Ross[1] (born: October 11, 2000 (2000-10-11) [age 23])[1], known simply as Adin Ross (pronounced as Aiden (IPA: /ˈæi̯dən/) Ross) is an American YouTuber and gamer. He is best known for his Twitch livestreams of various video games including Grand Theft Auto 5 and NBA 2K. He is equally known for, if not more, for having guest appearances from various rappers on his streams. Ross has been streaming since October 2018.[citation needed]



Ross would begin streaming on Twitch during his senior year of high school in October 2018. He would be on and off until January 2019, where he would start streaming consistently NBA 2K games. When starting, he went by the name of Adin2Huncho.[citation needed]


He made a cameo appearance in American rapper Polo G's music video for the song "Black Hearted".[citation needed]

IShowSpeed made a Halloween livestream where he and Adin go trick-or-treating.[citation needed]



Twitch Bans[]

Ross was banned from Twitch for the eighth time on February 25, 2023 for "hateful conduct", after he showed his poorly moderated Kick chat on stream, which was flooded with racist and antisemitic messages.[2] This ban has been presumed by many, including Ross, as permanent.[3]

Gambling Streams[]

In July 2021, Ross received backlash from fellow YouTuber Ethan Klein of H3h3Productions. This was because Ross was profiting from doing gambling streams and Klein believed they were a negative influence to Ross' younger audience, as gambling can become a very dangerous addiction.[4]

In October 2021, he returned to gambling streams while in Mexico.[citation needed]

By 2022, gambling streams was what he primarily streamed until Twitch banned it. In response to the ban, Adin tweeted "No more gambling on twitch but at least we can see a girl getting fucked on stream once a week!", a reference to the streamer Kimmikka having sex while live and only getting a light ban.

IShowSpeed Influence[]

In early September 2021, Ross was criticized by his viewers for how he was negatively influencing IShowSpeed and confusing his sexuality. This reception would come after Darren, with encouragement by Ross, would attempt to prank vlogger DDG, by having his underage sister on Darren's stream, who would then be subject by Darren to do his dance move, which is similar to a twerking gyration.

After not answering her phone for minutes on end, DDG with help from his entourage would storm into the room Speed was streaming in and confront him and his own sister. After this incident took place, Ross and the rest of the people in on this prank, would apologize. Darren denied after though, that he seriously felt a "connection" towards his sister.[5][6][7]

Ross would put Speed on various blind dates with female influencers around this same time. The most popular one including transgender influencer, Ava (badbitchbarbiee).[8] Because Speed wasn't aware of this initially, fans opposed of how Ross set this up with an assumed expectation to humiliate and embarrass his friend.[9]

After this took place, Speed would invite Ava onto his own stream. He would come out and announce to his audience that he was gay and dating Ava in a fit of rage, before ending his stream. This would concern his fans and shortly after this, Speed would go back to Ohio.[citation needed]

Relationship with Andrew Tate and Hustler's University[]

Ross was one of the most recurring guests on Andrew Tate's videos and livestreams. Due to Tate's propagation of misogynistic and narcissistic views, alongside his current human trafficking investigation, Ross' association with Tate was inherently controversial, since it implied that he had befriended Tate.[10]

One of Tate's schemes was a guru course called Hustler's University, where for 50 dollars a month and the requirement to post his clips on TikTok and YouTube Shorts, his associates will teach "Discord classes" based on Tate's worldviews. Ross was one of the many associates who taught in and most likely got a cut of the profits from Hustler's University. This alongside Ross' history with crypto scams further cemented Ross' legacy as a serial scammer.

After Tate was arrested in Romania on December 29, 2022,[11][12] five people had been authorized to visit Tate in detention, including Ross, who said he was flying to Romania,[13] but was denied access by the Romanian government.[14] Ross tweeted, "Joe Biden please go ahead and pardon Andrew Tate".[15] Ross continues to support Tate.[16]


Super Bowl LVII Stream[]

On February 12, 2023, to announce that he will start streaming on the new streaming platform called "Kick" due to its more lenient terms of service compared to Twitch and favorable revenue splits with creators.[17][18] On "Kick", Ross streamed the Super Bowl LVII live to over 100,000 viewers, but Ross didn’t possess the adequate understanding to be aware that re-broadcasting such a huge event without permission from the organizers can have severe consequences.

Many fans and other streamers are certain that the NFL will definitely take action against Ross. Often, only short image sections of football games are enough to receive a takedown notification, which can result in a ban from YouTube or Twitch. Streamer and YouTuber Penguinz0 responded to the controversy on Twitch.[19]

Streaming Pornhub Homepage[]

On February 20, Ross even went as far as to pull up the homepage of the popular porn website PornHub. This caused backlash due to Ross' target audiences are young audits.[20][21]

"There Are Only 2 Genders" Tweet[]

On February 26, 2023, Ross posted on Twitter proclaiming that "there are only two genders" in all caps.[22] The tweet was viewed over 62 million times within 48 hours of publication, sparking controversy led by accusations of anti-nonbinary hate speech. Ross would responded to the backlash prompted by his gender-related tweet in a new video posted on YouTube titled "There are ONLY 2 Genders.."[23] Ross argued that his statement was an attempt to "cancel cancel culture" and that he's not anti-LGBTQ, adding that he knows and loves "so many gay people". Ross mentioned he wants to get Jeffree Star on stream for a "discussion" on gender while positing that Star shares his binary views in the same breath, making it unclear what exactly would there be to discuss between the two.[24]

Daring Fans for $20,000[]

On March 3, 2023, Ross is coming under fire for making bizarre requests of his fans during a live stream, where he asked one viewer to slit their brother’s throat for $20,000 after finding out they were a fan of Twitch streamer Hasan. He also asked another viewer to throw urine on their brother for money after similarly finding out they were a fan of Hasan, but apparently kicked him from the group after he filled a cup with urine to enact the task. On top of that, one of Ross’s fans also threw objects at their sister and smashed her bedroom wall with a baseball bat, resulting in a feud between the two siblings on the stream. Critics have been quick to call out Adin’s behavior online in light of this latest broadcast, with some noticing a change in his behavior.[25]

False Copyright Claims[]

On April 23, 2023, YouTuber Internet Anarchist announced that he had lost $8,000 by a false copyright claim on his video "Sneako's Horrible Response To Penguinz0" by Thumb Media on behalf of Adin Ross.[26][27] After lashing his frustration out on Twitter, Adin had reacted to his tweet on stream and accused Kirk of being Hasan's head moderator, which Internet Anarchist denied.[28]

The strike was eventually resolved by YouTube after Adin Ross "folded".[29]

Feud with HasanAbi[]

In April 2023, HasanAbi made his opinions clear when was reported to have used copyright regulations to financially hurt a relatively smaller YouTuber. On April 30, YouTuber Internet Anarchist tweeted how Ross falsely accused the channel of copyright violations and sought help for the abuse against smaller creators. This tweet was later celebrated by Ross on his stream where he refused to look at the whole fiasco as anything other than a success on his part.[30]

Hasan took the opportunity to once again speak his mind on his take on the “face” of Kick. He is known for his lenient attitude towards copyright issues. The streamer with over 1 million followers on YouTube does not always bring the fight to other creators who use Hasan’s content snippets as part of their own videos. As a testament to his genuine dislike of Ross, Hasan went the length to claim that he would actually fund the legal fees for anyone who might decide to take appropriate measures against Adin. On his stream on YouTube from May 1, 2023, Hasan didn’t hold back and said, “I will literally personally pay the legal fees of other f*cking Instagram models and people who now hate Adin Ross, who have appeared on his stream, to sue him for every f*cking dime he has if he keeps this dumb sh*t up.”[31]

Hasan also thought that this action of Ross opens up whole new avenues for random content creators coming across a way to take legal action against Ross. He believed that it was stupid on Ross’ part to let third-party guests get a chance to take harsh measures against himself. Most fans, including Reddit users on r/LivestreamFail, seem to agree with Hasan and support taking legal action against Ross. While things could’ve stopped there, Adin had also put up posts on June 7, suggesting HasanAbi “kill” himself while Hasan’s pal Jake Lucky should be “stoaned to death“. Although Adin wasn’t so explicit with his language and merely wrote down “kys“, the Twitter community didn’t simply let go trying to conclude what he really meant to say. Even though these posts quickly disappeared from Twitter, fans had enough time to make sure evidence was preserved. Although almost all of these posts were made from an alternative account, fans didn’t take much time to figure out who is running the account. Ross kept behind the digital veils to make more remarks towards Hasan regarding the latter’s social and political views and beliefs.[32][33]

While the intensity of the copyright drama did fade out a bit, the streamers didn’t really get out of each other’s heads. In a recent post on Twitter on June 8 from Ross’ alt account, he is seen to be chilling out with his friend Bruce, apparently celebrating HasanAbi getting banned from Kick, a formidable competition to the streaming platform Twitch. In the video, Ross mentioned Hasan’s friend Mizkif, who also received a ban from the up-and-coming streaming platform. This set the perfect premise for Hasan to once again spill his guts on how he feels about Kick’s star boy. As a response to Ross’ 8th June video, claiming how he exerted his authoritative powers to get HasanAbi banned from Kick, Hasan explained he doesn’t have a strong motivation to join any platform where Ross is a member. Hasan explains that Ross is desperately trying to get his attention by mocking Hasan’s political and social views as an “agenda“.[34]

Fans didn’t miss out on the hint and were fast enough to do the math. They deduced that the Pride sneering post made by Ross’ alt account, made public earlier on June 8, was the latest in the series of head slaps that finally managed to get a direct reaction out of Hasan. Hasan explicitly accepted him being okay with the label of “liberal”, but referring to Ross allegedly having streamed porno to children, he emphasizes why that kind of behaviour is plain old repelling. While Hasan couldn’t highlight his indifference towards his ban from Kick, it is pretty evident that the agitation is real.[35]

Saying the n-word[]

In May 2023, Ross was joined by OnlyFans star Autumn Renae when he allegedly told her: 'n*gger, I got you. I got you.' Despite causing an uproar in the chat, neither of the influencers seemed to take notice of the remark. When confronted with his alleged comment by viewers on the chat, Ross claimed to not know what they were talking about, showing surprise and even laughing off the accusations.[36]

Gambling addiction[]

In November 2023, Ross admitted to having lost $4 million for his gambling streams, with FaZe Banks imploring Ross to end the stream. On November 20, after losing $4 million, Ross admitted to sending a message on his close friends' group chat about manipulating his mother for money. The clip has gone viral on the popular drama news account DramaAlert.

Fans have taken to social media to express their support for Ross despite the negative comments. Adin subsequently held another gambling stream after his recent statement went viral.[37]

Burrard Inlet incident[]

On March 4, 2024, Ross dared a 19-year-old man to drive his car into the Burrard Inlet at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. After the police were notified, the man was arrested at the scene. The incident received negative attention from those who visit the park.[38]

Getting Andrew Tate arrested[]

In March 2024, Ross claimed that Tate had told him "I'm gonna be leaving Romania soon and probably never coming back", resulting in Tate and his brother Tristan being arrested to prevent them from fleeing the country.[39]

Public Reception[]

Adin Ross used to be seen by the general public due to his social interactions and flamboyant comedic persona as good person who profits off of portraying a certain image in which he is not. However since 2020, due to his frequent involvement in crypto scams and becoming one of Tate's most recurring guests in 2022, his previous good reception has fallen considerably. Now many ex-fans and others no longer trust him and assume most things he does are for malicious self gain.[citation needed]

In early October 2021, YouTube gaming streamer Valkyrae met Ross in a Grand Theft Auto 5 RP server. She went on to say that she believed he was "very sussy" and "farming content" after re-watching his perspective of them playing together. She stated that she believed he is a great person, but some of the things that he said behind her back were gross.[40][41]

He would react to this on stream and apologize for his behavior.[citation needed]

Personal Life[]

Ross was born in Boca Raton, Florida, United States.[citation needed]

He has an older sister named Naomi, who on occasion appears in his streams.[42]

He was previously in a relationship with a woman named Stacey. He is currently dating social media influencer, PamiBaby.[43]

Subscriber Milestones[]

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  • His favourite drink is root beer.[44]


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