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Help someone smile today!

―Adler the Eagle's outro

Foster Eber (born: July 12, 1994 (1994-07-12) [age 26]) better known online as Adler the Eagle is an American YouTube animator and fursuiter. He is a member of the furry fandom and enjoys going to conventions. On occasion, he also live streams video games such as Stardew Valley with the furry mod and Super Mario Sunshine. Adler also holds the annual Flappy New Year which is a donation stream held around New Years. The money donated goes to the nonprofit resort Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida.



Adler is primarily well known for his various animated short video series, Adler Animates. They usually involve real life scenarios that he went through that are exaggerated for comedic effect. The animations also include other fursonas as well.


In addition to animation, Adler also does fursuiting videos similar to those done by other furry YouTubers. Most are collabs that are done with other furries ,but Adler has done fursuiting videos by himself as well.


  • Adler happens to be friends with the popular YouTube Animator, TheOdd1sOut.
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