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Ryan Stanford, better known online as AestheticGamer or DuskGolem, is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads video game walkthroughs. His AestheticGamer identity derives from his love of discovering unique artistic styles in video games. His YouTube channel has amassed over 15M views and 32,400 subscribers as of March 29, 2020.


As of January 2014, AestheticGamer has rebooted his YouTube channel and started from scratch, re-editing all of his old videos and many new ones as well. According to him, this was done in part to respond to YouTube's recent changes, as well a desire to put more effort into his videos, and become overall more accessible.

Ryan is also known for doing various live streams, usually to play through games, watch films, or just socialize. His attitude in streams is usually of that of being pretty open-minded and fun-loving, but he can have flairs of a temper, particularly when the chat is acting up.

His official persona is that either of a strange and creepy doodle of a face he drew when dead-tired on a stream once, or that of a chibi version of Seto from Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. That said, his actual look has been shown before. Ryan is 6 foot, has brunette hair, blue eyes, and notable for baby cheeks that make him look a lot younger than he actually is.

He claims that popularity is not his main goal, though it can be nice. He started YouTube as a personal hobby, and the moderate success has come as a surprise to him, but he will continue creating content as he enjoys doing it. He occasionally games with other people, mostly close friends, but other honorable mentions go to Cryaotic and Megaman765.

Games Played

List Of Subscriber Milestones

  • 5,000 Subscribers · March 16, 2012
  • 10,000 Subscribers · January 25, 2013
  • 15,000 Subscribers · March 28, 2013
  • 20,000 subscribers · September 28, 2013
  • 25,000 Subscribers · January 24, 2015



  • "Hey, everyone! This is Dusk Golem, a.k.a. AestheticGamer, and today..."
  • "raspberry"
  • "Yai"

From Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

  • [when first encountering the ghostly arm entities in the train station bathrooms; as he finally notices them] "Eh… Oh, what the—?!"
  • [when the arms reach out to attack him] "Back, you f**king arms!"
  • [almost heads back into a segment with extremely-fragile flooring] "I almost forgot about that!"
  • [when the sky overhead quickly turns from night to day] "Daylight!"
  • "…Chicken…Man…?"

From Left 4 Dead 2

Custom Survival Map: McDonald's

  • "Holdin' out McDonald's! Coach is happy."
  • Megaman765 (as Coach): [role-playing w/ GameBroAdvanced; standing in front of the counter] Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Ding-dong?
    Jason "GameBroAdvanced" (as Nick): [from behind the counter] Yes! Hello, welcome to McDonald's! How many I help you?
    Megaman765 (as Coach): Yeah, um… Uhhhh…
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): [swings his golf club at him, without actually hitting him] Sometime today, buddy!
    Megaman765 (as Coach): Uh—[The second time, Nick's golf club actually hits Coach.]Ow!
    Coach: Oh—excuse me?! EXCUSE ME?!?!
    Megaman765 (as Coach): [busts up laughing]
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): [a few seconds later; still annoyed] That's what you get, for—you take way too, damn long!
    [Coach shoots Nick with his shotgun.]
    Nick: Damn!
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): [to Megaman765] Oh, f**k you!
    Nick: [to Coach] …you suck at shooting.
  • Megaman765 (as Coach): [when Ryan accidentally shoots him] Ow, watch your shots!
    Ryan "AestheticGamer" (as Ellis): Well […] Sor-ry! You're in the way, fatty! [busts up laughing] No I'm jus' kidding…!
    Megaman765 (as Coach): [after he and GameBroAdvanced stop laughing from Ryan's remark] b*tch!
    AestheticGamer (as Ellis): I know.
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): [to Ryan] You're a little asshole!
    AestheticGamer (as Ellis): [still laughing] I'm sorry…!

Custom Survival Map: The Final Cut

  • Jason "GameBroAdvanced" (as Nick): [at a movie poster stand] Hey, look, guys! We're famous!
    Ryan "AestheticGamer" (as Ellis): [looks to see the poster for The Final Cut] Oh, you're right! There's a movie based on what's about to happen in our actual lives!
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): Yeah!
    AestheticGamer (as Ellis): Wow, that's pretty mind-f**king.
  • ["playing" Ring Around the Rosie with a Tank to distract it] "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of f**k!"
  • GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): I swear […] if I get pounced by a Hunter… [gets pounced by a Hunter] Oh, speak of the devil!
    AestheticGamer (as Ellis): [shooting the Hunter off] Oh, speaking of the devil! [chuckles]
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): …Ow.
  • [after saving Mangame from the Tank; moves to revive them…] "Tank is dead. I'm also healing Ma[ngame]—[before a Charger rams into him and starts pounding Ryan]—Oh, f**k! A Charger?!"
  • [when things get seriously chaotic in the stairway, including a Tank] "This is just a frenzy of fun!"
  • GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): [realizing that there are two Tanks running rampent in the stairway] [Wha]—there're two Tanks?!?!
    AestheticGamer(as Ellis): There are two Tanks!
    GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): TWO Tanks! Waah! […] Man, we were f**ked when that happened!

====Custom Campaign: Questionable Ethics====
  • Ryan "AestheticGamer" (as Coach): Where are all these Special Infected coming from?
    Jacob "Lefty/ThatOneLefty" (as Ellis): Well, you see, when a mommy—when a mommy zombie and a—
    AestheticGamer: [interrupting him, laughing] Shut up, Jacob!
  • AestheticGamer (as Coach): [after knocking down a painting to find a Tank on the other side] What the f**k?! Ahhh! [runs away, limping and wimpering, as the Tank busts through and pursues him]
    (Coach: I'm go[nna]—oh, sh*t! Back it up!)
    Shane "Robot Randy" (as Rochelle): Jason—no, Ryan—what'd you do? [The Tank follows and incapacitates Ryan, and proceeds to attack the others.] Ryan, what did you do?!
    AestheticGamer (as Coach): [laughing weakly from the scare] You guys shoulda seen it…!
    Robot Randy (as Rochelle): Was he—Was he hiding behind a painting or something?
    AestheticGamer (as Coach): Yes, he was!

  • AestheticGamer (as Coach): [at the second stage's first elevator; when the game lags and drops Ryan over the pit surrounding the elevator] What the f**k?! [Coach lets out a brief death rattle before actually dying from the impact.] What?!?!
    Jason "GameBroAdvanced" (as Nick): [realizing] Ryan, what the—hell happened?!
  • "These are so scary! … This is scary as f**k!"
  • "Okay, I'm ready to face a Tank or two! Or three, maybe, if the game really hates us now…"

  • AestheticGamer (as Coach): There seems to be a lot of Special Infected coming…
    [As if on cue, the Tank music plays.]
    AestheticGamer (as Coach): [in disbelief] Really…?!
  • [running from a Witch] "No no no, you're not gettin' me, you f**kin' b*tch!"
  • "What the hell—?! Guys! This door was a trap! [GameBroAdvanced (as Nick): Oh, sh*t!] This door was a f**king trap!"
  • "I have the worst luck w/ Witches in this map!"

===From Nanashi no Game/The Nameless Game===
  • "Hey, who saw that coming? 'cause I sure didn't!"
  • [an enemy suddenly—very suddenly—starts moving toward him; startled] "AH! [I, uh,—]I—I can't move! Oh, yes I can; I'm not ready for this!"
  • "He's actually running at us!"

===from Siren: Blood Curse===
  • [after seeing Melissa Gale sacrifice herself to defeat the Maggot Shibito] "Okay, that is very...dark...? ...Anyways, onward!"

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