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Chris Dell’Isola, better known online as Aficionados Chris, is a YouTube reviewer, who mainly reviews Blu-ray and DVD releases of movies and TV shows. For a while on every Saturday, he also played video games for live-streams on Twitch.

Video Style


Chris tend to have comedic sketches in his reviews that parody whatever movie/TV show/etc. he's discussing, usually at the beginning. During the review, he puts in occasional jokes, usually relating to the topic at hand.


During his streams on Twitch (formally he streamed on YouTube), he plays various games, and he’s accompanied by different guests, which have included Will Ryan from DAGames, and Jospeh Russitano from Joey Hollywood Films. During these streams, Chris also answers the viewers’ questions.

Review Costume

For his videos, Chris wears a cabbie driving-type cap, checkered tie, a red button-up shirt, buttons, and armbands. While live-streaming on YouTube, a viewer asked Chris how he got his costume. Chris explained that he got his hat from a gift shop in Washington DC while he was on a middle school field trip and the original red shirt he had was from his grandfather before he died, but the reason he switched to a normal red button up is because the shirt was about 20 years old up to that point, and the collar ripped off.


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