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African Diaspora News Channel (formerly TheAdviseShowTV) is an American YouTube personality that reacts to popular black/African American trending videos and records commentary responses through webcam and audio.


  • The shows primary host in Phillip Scott.
  • The show is based in Houston, Texas.
  • He joined the website on July 26, 2012.
  • His schedule is daily/frequent.
  • TheAdviseShowTV has over 1 million subscribers, 10,700+ followers on Twitter, 14,896+ followers on Facebook and 4030 followers on Instagram.

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to SocialBlade. Dates may vary by ~1 day (2 days if you live outside of North America) due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: January 3, 2019


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