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David, better known online as Airforceproud95, is a Gaming YouTuber and aviation enthusiast who "spends too much time as a virtual Air Traffic Controller". His videos are mainly about Microsoft Flight Simulator X and him trolling people.


He does Real world flying and virtual ATC in FSX. He used to go to the airport to film aircraft and upload them to YouTube.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X trolling
  • Real World Flying (With ATC)

Personal Life

Airforceproud95 lives in Florida and is graduated from college (ERAU).

How he got his name

He states that his dad was in the Airforce, he was proud of his dad, and he was born in 1995, hence Airforceproud95. He says that it was his 12 year-old brain that made it up.


  • "Clear to crash and burn"
  • "Sauce boss"
  • "Dominant Species"
  • "GroundPound69 here"
  • "BottleCruncher 95 here"
  • "Sounds like a personal problem"
  • "requesting mayday"
  • "We are going space-shuttle status"
  • "BUTTER"
  • "Dogfight me bro"
  • "Blog it"
  • "Squawk 7600"
  • "rotate" (emphasis on the ey. Pronounced rotatey as in day)
  • "rodger dodger"
  • "A hot air balloon doing 400knots"
  • "Steam edition"
  • "Realism"
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