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Mark Hicks, better known online as airmoney, is an American person who uploaded one of the first viral videos on YouTube, Afro Ninja. Afro Ninja continues to be popular among YouTubers, with many regarding it as a YouTube Classic.

Afro Ninja

Afro Ninja was uploaded on January 17, 2006, just one day after the user had created his account. Although being uploaded relatively early, the video didn't become an instant hit, possibly due to the growth of YouTube in its early years. It got discovered and went viral in early 2008, and in one day it got almost 150 000 views. The video spread quickly, and soon became one of the most widely recognized videos on YouTube. The video peaked once again when popular YouTuber and once the Most Subscribed Ray William Johnson mentioned the video as one "We've all seen" and being "A Classic". The video is considered a YouTube classic and even sparked a South Park parody, against rising it's view count.

In The Video

The video lasts for a total duration of 19 seconds. It shows a man (with an Afro) trailing for a commercial, said to be from Nike, and attempts to do a back flip. He falls just short, falling at his feet. Though he loses one chain, he continues to try. However he falls into the bottom right of the camera.

Stunts and Acting Career

Hicks is known for his stunts and acting career. He has been doing stunts since 1988 (with the movie Split Decisions, as well as acting in it) and acting since 1985 (with the movie L.A. Streetfighters) . He has acted in other movies such as Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Ultraviolet and Fast Five and has been in the TV Shows such as ER, Crossing Jordan and a recurring role in Banshee. His stunt work is more impressive, with him doing stunts for movies such as San Andreas, Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 and Transformers (2007) and has done stunts in shows such as Revolution, House M.D and the Originals.

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