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Chris (born: April 3, 1997 (1997-04-03) [age 23]), better known online as Airsoftfatty, is an American YouTube vlogger and comedian. He is most known for drinking a giant blue jug, which people called it a real life big shield from Fortnite , and is also known for his Star-Wars battling videos. Big YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and iDubbbzTV have boosted Chris's career.


Chris uploads an extensive vaiety of content, including Star Wars battles, cooking videos, and other general vlog type videos.


Chris prides himself on uploading videos of him doing roleplay-type Star Wars battles with his friends Robert, Aaron, etc. He has since disconnected with Robert due to multiple reasons, main of which being his mental instability, and going "full force". He also uploads general quips about his life, such as trips to the local trampoline park, or fixing his jet ski.


On his channel, Chris sometimes uploads videos of him cooking various personal recipes, most popular of which is a video of him making ramen noodles and making them "nice and dry".

Personal Life

Chris currently lives with his mother in Battle Creek, Michigan. Chris also has severe heart and health issues due to his weight. Chris has since cut down his weight by over a hundred pounds, and is doing much better with his health.


Chris made his YouTube channel in 2014. His video clips weren't really notable until he started adding much more effort and ideas into his videos. In 2018, his channel blew up. He released the video Drinking the Fortnite Shield in real life video. In this video, Chris takes a huge beer-cup, in which he added the blue-drink, which he drinks in the video.


When his career grew, he became an easy target for viewers to bully and mock him for his weight. Chris didn't stop there and uploaded another popular video, where he was trying to fix a gun but he failed to do so, but he has over 8 million views on that video.

iDubbbz Interview

In 2019, the famous American YouTuber iDubbbzTV ended up interviewing Chris, about his life who is he actually, which gained him much more fame, letting new people meet him and know about his channel. Even PewDiePie reacted to his star-wars parodies, where he laughed to the videos.

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