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Hey friends, it's Akidearest!

―Akidearest's Intro

Agnes Usagi Diego (born: February 16, 1993 (1993-02-16) [age 26]), better known online as akidearest, or just Aki, is a YouTuber of Filipino descent and a cosplayer, mainly known for her anime-related videos. She also did videos on Vocaloid and visual novels.

She's currently dating The Anime Man, with whom she moved together in Japan and is good friends with Misty Chronexia and CDawgVA. She has collaborated with them on numerous occasions.

Aki has an ongoing series on her channel called "Otaku Monthy Favorites", but she also does anime and manga reviews.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. The Anime Man
  2. Misty Chronexia
  3. CDawgVA
  4. Gaijin Goombah Media
  5. TheMasterOfDooM
  6. Sebastiano Serafini
  7. SouL Animation
  8. HoodiePanda
  9. TheRyDesigns


As of now Aki has very little of her history known. Although she created her current channel in 2014, she has stated that she created her first account back in 2006, not disclosing the name of it, in which she made AMV's, but she stopped making these videos due to how time consuming they were.


Aki is very eccentric and bubbly in her videos, which she claims is not the case in her real life, especially during her younger years, in which she depicted the very generic, introverted, asocial Otaku, even sometimes bordering on weeaboo. Her family knows she's into anime, manga, video games and cosplay, and it's well known among her YouTube fanbase that she's a hentai lover, especially tentacle hentai, which she is not ashamed of much (although her family does not know this stuff for obvious reasons).


  1. It was revealed on November 4, 2016, that Aki and The Anime Man are dating. On 19 January, 2019, she uploaded a video announcing they moved together in Japan.
  2. Her #DearAki series consists of Q&As, in which all questions are voiced by TheMasterOfDooM.
  3. She had her voice acting debut in a game titled The World Next Door, available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.
  4. Aki has a second channel, I'm Aki, which is currently inactive.
  5. Once she appeared in a podcast called Mangapod Book Club. The title is "MangaPod #151: Magical Girl Apocalypse (Vol. 1 - 4, Ch. 1 - 16) with AkiDearest!".


Intro & Outro Quotes

  1. "Hi friends, my name is Aki."
  2. "Hey friends, my name is akidearest."


  1. "I'm just gonna suck you up."
  2. "I'm just gonna suck his face."
  3. "Logic is for the weak!"


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