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Alan Becker (born: May 18, 1989 (1989-05-18) [age 30]) is an American animator on YouTube who grew up in Dublin, Ohio. He is known for his Animator vs. Animation series which he had started back in 2007, and does tutorials. He has amassed over 7.8 million subscribers and 1 Billion views as of April 2019.

Animator vs. Animation

Alan is known for his series called Animator vs. Animation which revolves around a stick figure who fights over its creator in the animation programme. it had over 20 million views he made 3 sequels and 2 spin-offs called Animation vs. Minecraft and Animation vs. YouTube. Recently, he made Animation vs. Pokemon which is about a stick figure sneaking in the Pokemon game, wanting Pokemon of his own

A new series Animator vs Minecraft Shorts where uploaded which is a spin-off of the video of the same name. Then, he made Animator vs. Animation shorts where The Chosen One comes back

Other Channels


AlanBeckerTutorials is a channel in which Alan shows Flash Tutorials. It has over 200,000 subscribers.


AlanBeckerMinecraft is a channel in which Alan plays Minecraft. It has over 100,000 subscribers.


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