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Alex Leon Kenneth Orman (Born: August 12, 1995 [Age 22]), better known online as Alex, formerly CraftedRL, is a British YouTuber who creates videos based on Roblox. He would also do challenges, and many more other content. He is apart of the channel The Pals (formally known as SubZeroExtabyte Games). He was formally known as Alex - Roblox And More. but later changed his channel name to Alex when his channel was verified. Alex is also known for his purple hair and his virtual pet wolf, Galaxy. Alex's YouTube channel currently has 1.9 million subscribers and 397 million video views.


Channel History

Alex created his current channel on 10th March, but started uploading videos on 23rd April 2016. His channel started to gain an audience and he continued to make Minecraft videos until he first discovered the game Roblox. When he made videos on Roblox, his channel started to get attention. 

The Pals

The Pals (Formally known as SubZeroExtabyte Games) is a collaboration channel consisting of YouTubers such as Denis , CorlSketch , Sub and himself.