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Hello Alex!

―Alex before he honks

Annika Howells (born: April 24, 1987 (1987-04-24) [age 33])[1][2], better known online as Alex The Honking Bird, is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos about her bird, Alex, and Alex's son, Dominic. Alex is best known for his "honking" sounds, while Dominic was best known for his "screms". Alex is 20 years old.

Early Life

When Annika got Alex, Alex would bob his head and squeak. Annika would bob her head and squeak back at him and say "hello Alex!". Alex started to mimic her mimicking himself, over time it just got more and more exaggerated.

Annika used to have a whole aviary of cockatiels until she moved to an apartment.

Personal Life

Annika and her bird, Alex currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with Alex's son, Dominic. Alex used to live with his mate, Tina, but passed away in 2016, letting Dominic move to keep Alex company.


  • The channel sometimes narrated from the perspective of Alex, although his Twitter is frequently narrated from the perspective of the aforementioned bird.
  • Annika is also a writer.


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