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Ally Hills is an American YouTuber and musician who makes music and LGBT-related videos.


Ally Hills is a singer who makes videos about LGBT issues, music videos about being in relationships with women, and sometimes silly videos and collaborations.

She formerly dated fellow YouTuber Stevie Boebi, together the couple was frequently known as Stally. They collaborated after their breakup in the spring of 2016. She later dated YouTuber Amy Ordman and together they were known as Almy. Ally is known for music videos like In Love With a Straight Girl, How to Know a Girl is a Lesbian, Her Lover, and Coming Out. She frequently mixes humor with her music, though not all of her songs are comedic. Often she will release songs in response to her breakups and she and both of her aforementioned exes have talked about this publicly. Ally is also friends with YouTuber Danny Padilla.

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