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Jayden C. Ongiri (born: April 28, 2008 (2008-04-28) [age 14]), better known online as AlphaMations, is an American YouTuber known for making animation videos.


AlphaBlitz's content is mainly animations, where he posts animated shorts, makes shows, tells stories, and collabs with some people.



  • Totally Drastic Elemental Island (TDEI) - September 8. 2020 - December 20. 2020
  • The Amazing Name Three (TANT) - SCRAPPED


  • Meal Munch Crew (MMC) - August 8. 2021 - Current
  • LShark's Other Gameshow (LOG) - Production Currently


AlphaBlitz created the channel on January 6. 2019, where he used to make Sonic, Total Drama, Gravity Falls animations and made short fan shows about it. By early 2020 he had a short hiatus before posting videos again. And by July he joined the Object Show Community where he started making object animations then eventually making his show: TDEI, which lasted from September 8 - December 20. 2020.

By 2021, TDEI was canceled before episode 6 started, but made another show following up the season: TANT. But it got canceled as well. But in August 8. 2021, Alpha made another show called, MMC. About 6 food friends going on misadventures in a restaurant.

By 2022 he started making less OSC content and more on the miscellaneous stuff. And he is currently running MMC along with his new show LOG. He also works on other shows by people and has his own project underway.


  • He is the 23,213th most subscribed American YouTuber.[1]
  • He loves any kind of blue, no matter how dark or light.


  • 100 subscribers - September 2020
  • 1,000 subscribers - December 2021