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Alyseium (born July 24, 1992 (1992-07-24) [age 27]), formerly Wilechase is an American gaming YouTuber in the Pokémon Community. Starting in 2007.


Wilechase has been well known to spam the move U-Turn, which she claims to be the best move in Pokémon because it gives the user switch initiative. She had two signature Pokémon at the time. Choice Scarf Jirachi and Blaze Kick Lucario. Although Lucario doesn't get U-Turn, Chase has said that it has saved her in many matches destrolishing Bronzongs and Forretresses that she encountered. In 2010, Chase had hers original YouTube account deleted and has made the new account TehWilechase.

Outside of competitive Pokémon, Chase likes to do the following: Wear dresses, have make out sessions with his most prized possession, hers Ke$ha beanie, sing metal songs of any sort, do Let's Plays and run through them like crack, doing podcasts with TheFlamingSpade, and post photos of himself doing duck lips while people tell him that he looks exactly like Meg Griffin

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